Weekly Meeting - Cadet Luncheon - Jason Kralt, Sergeant in the

The Cadets made us proud today and treated us to a full 10 minutes of the band while we had our lunch.
Allan Castledine explained the benefits of our Club's support of the "Passing The Torch" Campaign and Ken Miller reinforced that we actively support this initiative that will help to educate our children. The "Friends of the Passing The Torch" Campaign Committee was pleased when the vote was passed for the $10,000 donation.
Sergeant Jason Kralt reminisced about being at our Kiwanis meetings when he was just a young lad of 13 and his parents suggested he join the Air Cadets. That was the beginning of his career and he is proud to be a part of a the Governor General's Foot Guards today. He explained that being a linebacker is much the same as being part of the Cadets - there is structure and rules and coaches - and they both helped him to grow into what he is today. He gave a wonderful message to the young cadets.