Weekly Meeting - Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa 75th Anniversary

June 11 luncheon His Worship Jim Watson introduced the history of the Boys Club which began in 1923 as a way to redirect the unfocused energy of idle young men, which followed with the acceptance of girls to the Club in 1977 as Jackie Holzman read, thereby changing its name to the Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa-Carleton.

Our Music/Entertaiment Committee did a splendid job of pointing out the important traditions in their songs and reminiscing about this great association over a period of 75 years. Thank you all, and a huge thank you to Jim Brough, President of the Kiwanis Music Festival who agreed to play the piano today.

President's Rose

President Ian presented the Rose to Mark Max for his never-ending passion of his music and for the excellent entertainment as was provided to us today during the Music Presenta-tion. With Mark's expertise in writing the lyrics, we thank the Music/ Entertaiment Committee for reminding us of our youth, however difficult it is for us to remember that we looked like that!.

- Newsletter 99 Jun 11.pdf