Weekly Meeting - Bob Chiarelli

Robert (Bob) Chiarelli congratulated our club on 92 years of active service to the community and recollected on some highlights of his term as Mayor of Ottawa pre-amalgamation. The ice storm was remembered by many of us but we couldn’t imagine the tremendous maintenance required by City Hall.

Bob noted the growth of Ottawa has increased to almost 900K since the boundaries have changed. The City works hard for all of us and provides significant services such as hydro, sewer treatment plants, sidewalks, infrastructure, traffic lights and cameras, police, fire and ambulance, and bus services, public health services, after-school libraries and hockey arenas, disaster relief, and more.

These services have also grown and the City needs to work harder to fill in the gaps. Decisions need to be made more quickly, better communication is required for our citizens, partnerships need to be strengthened, and we need more on City Council to look at the big picture!.

Attendance: 58 = 50 members, 8 guests

We welcomed our newest member – Armelle Chataigner-Guidez, Diplomat Assistant at the Embassy of France, who was introduced by her sponsor, Lynda Campbell. Armelle was born in France, graduated from the University of Bordeau in Civil Law and Criminal Law and Forensics. She has 2 young sons, speaks English/French/ Spanish, and is active in her commuity. She enjoys hiking, biking, horseback riding. Be sure to introduce yourself to Armelle and show her that she has joined the greatest service club in Canada!


Congratulations to Lynda Campbell who won the raffle of a Santa water globe that lights up! donated by Jackie Holzman. Thank you all for contributing, $62 was raised for our General Account.