Weekly Meeting - Annual General Meeting - No guest speaker or guests

Honorary Treasurer for 1999-00, Bruce Brooks, gave a good recap of the revenue and expenses for our previous year, which resulted in a positive year for Immediate Past President John . Honorary Treasurer for this year, Michael Findlay, tabled the approved Proposed Budgets for the upcoming year. Thank you to the members who asked the questions and participated in the meeting - this meeting is necessary and vital to the success of our club. One of the major questions asked was how to increase attendance -today's attendance was 79 members. This will be one of the issues that the Board of Directors will look into at one of the upcoming Board meetings. As President Ed mentioned, ALL members are welcome to attend any Board meeting. As well, ANY suggestions for our club are always welcome.

Thought For The Week: I don't know the key to success but the key to failure is to try and please everyone.

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