Weekly Meeting - Alumni Meeting

The weekly meeting for the Club, at the Chateau Laurier, 12;30.

Next Luncheon Meeting

Friday January 4, 2008 Round Table Luncheon - No Head Table, No Guest Speaker

These meetings provide a great chance for you to sit and chat with your fellow Kiwanians. 
Attendance Credits are provided.

Happy Birthday Dec.21 Guy Milne, Dec.29 David Urie, Jan.3 Kathleen Holst & Tom Pullen.

Committee Meetings No Committee meetings scheduled until 2008

Luncheon Line-Up

Fri.Jan.11 Huw Willians, Canadian Automobile Dealers Association, ‘’Who to Blame and What to do’’ The Emissions Dilemma.

Fri.Jan.18 Michael McCrachen, "Fact and Myth: Canada's Economic Prospects in the Next Decade."

Fri.Jan.25 Annual General Meeting – No guest speaker, no guests please. Full attendance is encouraged.

Fri.Feb.1 To be confirmed

Fri.Feb.8 Ken Bickley on “Laughter”

EC&C Governor Chuck McIlravey’s Christmas Message

Please follow this link http://www.kiwanisecc.org/gov_message_nov.asp

Help Wanted for 2008 Bedzzz Race - Kiwanis Bed Building We still need 30 old bikes and old metal beds for the bed race. If you can help out contact: Chair Steve Moore 613-290-6861, email steven.moore@rogers.com Or Scott Bradford 613-232-0925, email sbradford@bgcottawa.org

Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, Annual Christmas Luncheon for Seniors 11:30 am, Tuesday, December 25 – The Good Companions Centre at 670 Albert Street will feature Traditional Turkey Luncheon with all the trimmings, and Live Entertainment with Dominic D’Arcy and his Rising Stars. Tickets are only $8 and can be purchased from Past President Neil McDonald, Sandra Presley, or the Good Companions Centre at 613-236-0428

Volunteers are needed as follows: Mon.Dec.24, 10:00 – 12:00 - to set up the room (10 people required) Tue.Dec.25, 11:00 – 2:00 - to serve the meal, and help with clean up (10 people required) If you can volunteer for either day, please contact Neil McDonald at 613-837-3752 or by email neil@capitalbenefit.ca 90

Years of Making a Difference

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa was formed in 1917, and has been making a difference in Ottawa since then. The Club has been involved in many projects for those years supporting the Club’s original motto of: As the needs of the community have evolved, so has the Club. The Club’s major emphasis has shifted from fund raising to community service and mentoring, the emphasis is on youth and the motto of: We Build, One Can Make a Difference. 1918 - Raised 1/3 of costs for the construction of the Grace Hospital. 1920 - “Safety First Campaign” put lines on Ottawa streets. 1922 – Kiwanis Club of Pembroke sponsored, first of 9 Clubs. 1924 - The Kiwanis Boys Club which became the Boys and Girls Club. 1936 - Built dining hall at the Scout Camp at Christie Lake. 1942 - Formed and sponsored the Kiwanis 211 Air Cadet Squadron. 1945 - Kiwanis Music Festival runs for the first time. 1946 - Helped establish Camp Davern, first girls camp for Ymca. 1949 - Formed Key Club at Ottawa Tech and Fisher High Schools. 1953 - Established Camp Banting Camp for diabetic kids. 1960 - Established the Ottawa chapter for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 1966 - First of 33 Tv Auctions run, which raise over $4,000,000. 1976 - $100,000 for Britannia Unit of the Boys and Girls Club. 1977 – Started the Log Farm on Cedarhill. 1980 - Formed the Kiwanis Medical Foundation. 1986 - Contributed $500,000 to Cat Scan at Civic Hospital. 1987 - Raised $500,000 for the Kiwanian Alex Dayton Seniors Centre. 1990 - Funded the Youth Services Bureau building program. 1995 - Funded the startup of the Act Cpr program in Ottawa. 1997 - Contributed to Iodine Deficiency Disorders with Unicef. 1997 - Reading is Fundamental project launched at Connaught School. 1998 - “Never Shake a Baby” educational video released. 1999 - First Aktion Club for developmentally challenged adults. 1999 - Precious Minds Educational video released, 300,000 distributed. 2000 - Kiwanis donates $1,000,000 to Kiwanis Cardiac Unit at Cheo. 2001 - Sponsor the Governor General’s Foot Guard Cadets. 2003 - Kiwanis Read-a-thon is launched. 2007 – Kiwanis Fit Kids launched. Governor General’s Foot Guard Cadets: helps over 100 cadets each year build leadership skills. Kiwanis 211 Air Cadet Squadron: since 1942 has helped thousands of youth to develop leadership skills. Kiwanis Aktion Club: a community service group run by and for developmentally challenged adults. Kiwanis Circle K at Carleton and U of Ottawa: mentoring university students through community involvement. Kiwanis Direct Assistance: provides direct support to persons who are encountering difficult times. Kiwanis Fit Kids: introducing daily fitness to elementary school kids. Kiwanis Key Clubs at Glebe, Lisgar, Nepean and Sir Robert Borden: mentor high schools students through community involvement. Kiwanis Music Festival: tens of thousands of participants and volunteers improving through music. Kiwanis Read-a-thon: over 50,000 students from more than 200 schools in 15 countries enjoy reading and raise funds through the read-a-thon. Precious Minds Educational Video: over 300,000 copies of this video on early literacy help explain the impact on brain development of reading with young children. Reading is Fundamental: one on one reading with kindergarten children helps build a love of reading. Shaken Baby Syndrome Educational Video: almost 100,000 copies in distribution to provide facts to parents and caregivers.