Weekly Meeting - ACT Foundation - Sandra Clarke “CPR Program”

Sandra Clarke and Dr. Justin Maloney have good reason to be proud of the success of the ACT Foundation's High School CPR Program , which was launched in 1994 with the help of our club's initial $50,000 contribution. The mandate was to ensure that every high school graduate by 2000 was trained in CPR. It is now a mandatory part of the curriculum of all high schools in Ontario, and quickly making its way across school boards in Canada today. Susan Ayach, a 21-year old Carleton University student, who saved her 11-year old brother from choking at dinner, thanked the CPR program for providing her with this training. FREE CPR courses are available at different locations in the city.

Sign up now by calling 831-1997 or go to: http://ottawa.ca/city_services/emergencyserv/ems/cpr_en.shtml

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