Update from the Medical Foundation

The objective of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Medical Foundation is to advance medical research and treatment in Ottawa-Carleton by providing funding to those engaged in such work or funding assistance to organizations with similar objectives.

Capital Fund

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Medical Foundation (KMF) was established in February 1980 with a gift from the late Doctor Lorne E. McLachlan, an Ottawa dentist, and matching funds provided by the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa. The KMF Capital Fund stands at approximately $690,000 and our goal is to increase it to $1 million.

The Capital Fund is administered by nine appointed Trustees who must be members in good standing of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa. With no KMF fundraising capability, increasing the Capital Fund depends primarily on gifts and bequests from Kiwanis members and others, including life insur-ance policies directed to the KMF.

Such life insurance policy premiums provide income tax relief for the donor as well as assisting the KMF in a meaningful way. For example, last year the KMF received a generous donation to its capital fund from the estate of the late Harry Brown – a former valued member of the KMF since its inception. The Trustees are also aware of Kiwanians who are supporting the KMF through the life insurance route.

Operating Budget

The KMF annual operating budget represents investment income from its Capital Fund investments. Accordingly, depending on the investment climate, the current KMF annual budget ranges between $40,000 and $50,000. With annual fees to the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa for administration and annual audit of $4,000, the balance is available to support community requests that meet the KMF requirement Medical Requests for Support.

The request review process involves a KMF member visiting with the requestor and completing a Request Analysis Form to help determine the appropriateness of each. The request along with the reviewing member's recommendation is then reviewed at a regular KMF committee meeting and the requestor submitting is invited to make a presentation to the KMF and answer questions, prior to the KMF making a decision concerning support.

Typical requests from the medical research and treatment community in Ottawa-Carleton range between $1,000 and $6,000. Recent examples of requests supported include: $5,000 for the purchase of a CardioCall heart recording device for the Queensway-Carleton Hospital. $5,000 for a portable heart defibrillator to be installed at the YMCA in support of the Heart Safe program. $5,000 to the Cancer Society's brachytherapy radioactive seed implantation program for pros-tate cancer treatment.


The nine KMF Trustees serve for three years with term expiration dates as follows: September 2001 Allan Castledine Bob Kingham Susan Menzies September 2002 David Daubney, Chair Patrick Flain Michel Podeszfinski September 2003 George Perrin Paul Poggione Jim Wright Bob Kingham KMF Trustee