Update for Sir Robert Borden Key Club

We continue to average about 40 students at each weekly meeting.

Toy Mountain Canadian Tire Drive: The club had a goal of raising $2500 for their Toy Mountain Canadian Tire drive. The students go to buy the gifts at Canadian Tire on Monday December 18th, and already have $3200 in hand! I believe that is a record for this initiative. The teacher advisor had arranged for a $40 gift certificate to be awarded through a draw for any student who raised $20+ dollars. 6 were eligible, and the draw took place last week. They also raised $344 from Kiwanians and the San Marco hall ( they donated $100 ), at our club’s Luncheon on Dec 1st. Jason Parker, one of the club’s co-presidents had come to our luncheon the week before to let our club know that they would be there on the 1st for their drive.

Fundraising: Their next initiative is a fundraiser. It is a waffle breakfast at the school on Dec 22nd at 8:30am. The main recipient of the funds will be to their sponsored child in Columbia. Bob Vergette graciously donated a pair of Senators tickets. About $400 was raised for their club through this initiative. They catered a staff meeting at their school. The staff then donated money to their club for this.

Convention: We reminded them that they need to start thinking about raising money for convention. They will need to raise about $200 per student who wants to attend ( we estimate the cost of meals/hotels/transportation will be about $600/student in total.

PR: Jazmin,their club treasurer, also had the club working on the display case in the school. The teacher advisor continues to hang the SRB Key Club banner in his classroom permanently. Apparently, no SRB key club executive member attended the Key Club rally. A year book photo was taken of the club. Mason, the club’s photographer, and in charge of P.R. was introduced to our Kiwanis club’s leader of Communications and P.R., Jamie Johnson. Jamie would appreciate very much getting photos of all the events we do to put in our collection for display.

Christmas: 8 “elves” from the key club will be helping out Gary Flockton at our Kiwanis’s club children’s Christmas party on Sunday Dec 17th. They will be wearing red turtlenecks and Santa hats. Their role will be to hand out candy canes, and help the kids line up on stage to see Santa. We will also have students help serve Christmas dinner for the seniors on Christmas Day at the Good Companions Centre on Albert Street.

Miscellaneous: They are looking to plan an activity day at Roger’s House. Eugene Zubryn, teacher advisor, continues to do wonderful things with the club. The club has a very good plan, and is following through on it very well. Brandon Thurber, secretary, continues to e-mail the meeting minutes, the day of the meetings. He e-mails them to the whole membership with a copy to Bob & I. This is very helpful in communicating back to our club through this report.

Guy H.J. Bourbonnière,