The Marharaja's Ball in Support of Defibrillators for Ottawa

The goal of the Maharaja's Ball is the placement of Defibrillator machines in various public areas in Ottawa. Area hostels, shelters, churches, synagogues, temples, schools and legion halls are all places that should have a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD).

Each year in Ottawa, there are more than 400 cardiac arrests due to heart attacks. Of these patients, two thirds are male and in their sixties. They arrest at home in 75% of the cases and half of these incidents are witnessed. The number of times bystander CPR is performed is rising (25% of cases last year). While survival rates remained stuck at 6%, this still translates into 26 lives saved. Presently, all area high school students receive CPR training.

This, through the ACT High School CPR program, largely made possible by the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa. Schools are receptive. A PAD program would not only reinforce student CPR training but also prepare our youth to be PAD responders both in-school and in the community. PAD units work best when they are truly for "Public Access" clearly visible and ready for use. People with no training can save lives with these defibrillators. They are simple to use. They are safe. They only shock people who have ventricular fibrillation. They save lives.