The Eliminate Project Reached $100 Million USD

Kiwanis International's Eliminate Project surpassed US$100 million in cash and pledges with the start of district conventions. Kiwanis' new total includes the Canadian government match and a record US$7.5 million raised in one weekend—the most money Kiwanis International has raised in such a short amount of time.

The fundraising fervor swept across Kiwanis during district conventions this month. Florida, Georgia, Illinois-Eastern Iowa, Montana, Nebraska-Iowa, Southwest and Texas-Oklahoma joined Austria, Belgium-Luxembourg, Capital, France-Monaco, Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee, New Jersey and Taiwan in making district-wide commitments.

“A renewed sense of energy, enthusiasm and commitment is building,” says The Eliminate Project Campaign Chairman Randy DeLay. “The Eliminate Project is creating a new culture of transformational giving throughout Kiwanis International.”

We have less than US$10 million left to raise in the next five months. This is an exciting and historic time for The Eliminate Project. Our victory over maternal and neonatal tetanus is not just achievable; it is inevitable.

"A world free of maternal and neonatal tetanus will soon be a reality,” says Kiwanis International President John Button. “It is a great accomplishment to pass the US$100 million fundraising mark. It is because of our Kiwanis members' devotion to the children of the world that families will no longer know the anguish and pain of losing a mother or baby to tetanus.”

Our collective efforts will help save or protect more than 55 million women and babies. That's enough children to fill 2.2 million kindergarten classrooms this fall.

Randy adds, “Our world-changing momentum continues. We can do this. Kiwanis, let’s finish what we started.”