The Eliminate Project in Ottawa a success!

Our Club was proud to host Kiwanis International President Tom DeJulio and First Lady Rosemary, and Governor Peter Tudisco, at our luncheon on May 3rd. It was noted by many to be a fabulous luncheon and our 85 guests were impressed!

We were pleased to welcome our special guests and to receive greetings from Kiwanis International and District. UNICEF Canada President & CEO David Morley brought greetings from UNICEF and their positive feeling about another partnership with Kiwanis. The room was silent when KI VP Dr. John Button shared his heartfelt presentation on the Eliminate Project and the need for us to help.

Lt Governor Phil Rossy surprised retired Ottawa Club Secretary, Shirley Tomblin, when he presented her with a personal Walter Zeller Award for her 40 years of contribution to community services –well deserved, Shirley! A Walter Zeller Award presentation was also made by KIVP Dr. John Button to EC&C District Governor-Elect Hope Markes who was visiting from Jamaica.

Big thanks to Mark Max and the Music Committee for their fabulous sing-along and the new “Eliminate Region C song - what a hoot”!

The Eliminate Gala on Saturday night, May 4th, was perfect! The Canadian War Museum was a fantastic setting for this special evening which was enjoyed by 270 guests all dressed in their finest. District Governor Peter Tudisco provided a Welcome and Toast to Kiwanis followed by Pastor Glenworth Joseph, from Barbados, who gave an excellent speech on Volunteerism and provided some musical entertainment along with two top winners of the Ottawa Music Festival – Charles Li and Henry Schut.

KI President Tom DeJulio gave a presentation on his recent trip to Haiti and shared what he and his wife, Dr. Rosemary, experienced first-hand. Their visit included greeting hundreds of mothers and babies who walked miles and waited in line for hours to get inoculated against the tetanus virus.

Past Lt. Governor Bill Gosewitz, a member of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, was presented with the Governor’s Pin, on behalf of Lt. Governor Phil Rossy. Phil selected Bill from the 8 clubs he oversees, for Bill’s work as President then Lt. Governor, for his fundraising with projects like our Christmas Food Baskets, the Carleton University scholarship when he shaved his head, his hands-on support, and his continued support of Kiwanis. Congratulations Bill! A cheque for $17,000.00 was presented, on behalf of the clubs in Division 11, 12 and 13, by KIVP Dr. John Button to UNICEF Canada President & CEO David Morley, representing the net funds raised from the Eliminate Gala.

Then, at the end of the evening, Lt Governor Phil Rossy announced that he had more personal donations and another Walter Zeller Donation of $1,250.

Thank you to Dr. Kanta Marwah, a member and regular sponsor of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, who contributed $5,000.00 to the Eliminate Project, and to Past Lt Governor Sam Bhargava and his wife Uttra, also members of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, for their donation of $5,000.00.

We can all be very proud that the final contribution to the Eliminate Project will be closer to $30,000.00! And, as mentioned at the Gala, for every $3 donated to the Eliminate Project, the Kiwanis Foundation of Canada will match this contribution 3 to 1 to top up our final contribution.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this very worthy cause and one that we will be most proud to have Kiwanis attached to. “Absolutely FANTASTIC.”