The 2006 Bon Appetit Silent Auction

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa partnered with Bon Appetit Ottawa for a great event.

Bon Appetit! provides the opportunity for a culinary extravaganza with all the food, wine and beer you care for, as offered by some of the best restaurants, winery and brewery services in town! Tickets, $75 with a $45 tax receipt, are all inclusive of food and wine for the evening. The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa included a Silent Auction as part of the evenings events.

The Auction's offerings included a car lease, fine artwork, quality jewelry, outstanding hotel, travel and restaurant packages, electronics, value-packed local services and many more wonderful items. Donors can understand the opportunities at the Auction in this sponsorship document: - BonAppetitOpportunities-a.pdf The Bon Appetit!

Ottawa volunteer organization secures yearly sponsorship from the Hospitality Industry of the National Capital Region, with the proceeds benefiting a wide range of worthy local charities. Beneficiaries of the Bon Appetit! Ottawa, event have included the Food Bank, the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa-Carleton, and Champions for Children Foundation of Ottawa-Carleton.