The 2003/2004 Executive

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is run by an executive elected by the members each year. The Executive meets on the third Monday of each month, and all Club members are welcome to attend.

The executive of the Club includes the following positions:

EXECUTIVE President: David Daubney, Department of Justice Immediate

Past President: Rick Barrigar, Progestic International Inc.

President-Elect: Derek Finley, Can Map Incorporated

Vice-President: Sam Bhargava, US5 Enterprises

Vice-President: Neil McDonald, Balanced Planning Financial Group

Honorary Treasurer: Albert Monsour, McCay Duff & Company

Honorary Secretary: Peter Nadeau, Capital Counsel Solutions

DIRECTORS Lynda Campbell, Coldwell Banker Rhodes & Co. Ross Christensen, The Strategies Group Sheri Farahani, Fraser Milner Casgrain Harold Feder, Brazeau, Seller Bill Gosewitz, Ottawa Carleton Mortgage Inc Peter Patafie, Patafie’s Moving Supplies and Rentals Michel Podeszfinski, Club de Golf Rivermead Mike St. Louis, Nova Visual Products Chris Thompson, Capital Stamp

Front row: Peter Patafie, Derek Finley, David Daubney, Rick Barrigar, Sam Bhargava Middle Row: Harold Feder, Chris Thompson, Sheri Farhani, Peter Nadeau, Michel Podeszfinski, Lynda Campbell, Neil McDonald Back Row: Ross Christensen, Mike St. Louis, Albert Monsour, Bill Gosewitz

Administrative Manager: Rita Harper

Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant: Michael Kruger