Support Sam Bhargava for Ec&C District Governor-Elect

How Can You Help?

Dear Fellow Kiwanis Members: My campaign, leading to the Elections for Governor-Elect in Aug 2010 in St. John`s N.B., kicked off last weekend, with my presentation to Div 12-13 Officers and Members. The campaign is a large undertaking and cannot be done without your support and help. Our District has 350 clubs in 17 countries with 8,000 Members and approx. 14,000 sponsored youth. I depend on you to win the elections.

Simply expressing your support is a big help. Volunteering is even bigger help. I am grateful to some of you who are already helping, and many are not sure how to help. I see the following requirements in the next couple of months:

  1. Website is up and running ( Need ideas on improvements . Major overhaul will be done in early November before releasing it to other Divisions. Web is one of the most crucial tools to reach the Kiwanis members in the District. Diverse culture, language and race.
  2. Thank you to Don Keyes who is coordinating the endorsements for the web page. Don has started taking pictures /movie clips.
  3. French translation services offered by Hélène Crabb and gratefully accepted.
  4. Need volunteer to coordinate the design and production of Campaign T-shirts and trinkets for the District Board members at Montego Bay (Jan /10).
  5. Office: email list management and periodic email blasts to club Presidents, officers , members delegates - Immediate. Letters, thank you, telephone campaign.
  6. Presentations, delegates, follow up those attending convention.
  7. General volunteer.


My focus for the District will be the same as our Club : Youth.

Helping youth succeed is single most important but overlooked community need of our times where we are already strong and we can make a big difference. Our club can show the way to the clubs in the District. I am consulting Kiwanians on this issue.

Sam Bhargava for Governor Elect

Power Of Many - Great things happen when we all work together