Strategic Planning is Your Friend

Over the past year the Strategic Planning Committee has been busy reviewing the Club’s Strategic Plan with a view to creating a series of “road maps” to ensure that we are all heading in one direction. “One Can Make a Difference”. The process began with a detailed review of the existing Plan to evaluate how we were doing, to take note of our successes and identify our failures. The Plan was tweaked resulting in a Plan which is relevant to the 2006-7 Kiwanis year. From that updated Plan, the Major Directions for the Club were identified and approved by the Board.

The next step in the process was to create accountability for the implementation of the Major Directions and the attainment of the goals and objectives identified in the Plan. This was done by creating strategic plans for each of the three streams within the Club: Operations, Community Service and Fundraising. Messrs. Gosewitz, Patafie and Bourbonniere are responsible for each of these streams respectively. The strategic plans were then broken down further by committee. Each committee therefore has its own “road map” for success. The idea is that if each member of the club does their part to help implement a tactic which, in turn, helps a committee to achieve one of its goals then we will be successful as a Club.

“One Can Make a Difference”. The focus for committee chairs is to assign responsibility for the tactics that have been identified. Committee meetings should be about monitoring the success of the attainment of the committee’s goals and objectives. The VP’s and President-Elect are there to help manage the process and are ultimately responsible for the success of the committees within their respective streams.

Copies of the Strategic Plans for the Club and Committees can be found at: Take a moment to check out not only what the committees that you are involved with are up to but what the rest of the Club is doing and where we are headed. There are a lot of great things going on. In the coming year the Strategic Planning Committee will also be focusing on Leadership Development and Project Evaluation. Any comments or feedback would be most welcome.

Harold Feder, Chair