Kiwanis Luncheon - Steve Kanellakos, City Manager - City of Ottawa

Kiwanis Luncheon - Steve Kanellakos, City Manager - City of Ottawa



Steve Kanellakos, the City Manager for the City of Ottawa will be speaking to us about “ The City’s Priorities Over the Next Two Years”.

Formerly with the City of Ottawa, Steve is now proud to lead the fourth largest municipality in Canada, and to make a difference in the city he calls home.  Steve’s vision is to build on the City’s culture of excellence in delivering services across a massive geographic region that encompasses many diverse and unique communities.

Steve provided some impressive information about the City of Ottawa:

  • We’re currently the fourth largest city in Canada - we’re about to break 1 million in our population.
    • More than 40% of our residents are bilingual and 22% are immigrants.
    • Our landmass includes 2,796 square kilometres.
    • The City of Ottawa has a $3.2 billion operating budget that funds over 100 different services that the City provides through one of our nine departments.
  • Just last year, MoneySense magazine ranked Ottawa as the best place in Canada to live because of our:
    • High median household income
    • Low taxes
    • Low crime
    • Ease of access to walking, cycling and transit
    • Good weather
    • And strong, established sports and arts communities
  • Ottawa has been ranked:
    • The number one ‘Tech Hub’ to live and work in, in Canada
    • The number one ‘most technology intensive city’ in Canada
  • In the last 5 years, Ottawa technology companies have raised more money in the public markets then every other city in Canada combined.
    • The number one ‘best place to live for new Canadians’
    • The number one ‘most sustainable city in Canada’ and third in North America
    • The number one ‘most educated workforce’ in Canada
    • And, we’ve ranked in the top 10 cities for the best quality of life in Canada