State of the Union from Outgoing President Marcia Saipe

It is with great pride that this new format of our weekly bulletin is presented.

I believe the changes make communication of the wide ranging activities of our great Club more effective and easier to read. Much appreciation to the 1997-98 Chair of the Public Relations Committee, John O’Neil, who has been an outstanding leader in this new initiative. Also, thank you to the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa’s computer guru, (a member of our new Board of Directors) Jamie Johnson, for his talents and countless hours of putting together our new look. Krys Rudko, the new Chair of the PR Committee, will manage the contents of Page Four, highlighting current and future activities of the Club, various committees, as well as historical anecdotes and milestone events. I hope to hear from you, our members, with comments and suggestions about our new look.

There are many of our members to whom I owe an enormous thank you. The Past Presidents whose wise council and support was available through the year, guiding me in my decision-making process, and helping me stay on track. Our esteemed Past Presidents have kept our Club devoted to our members and our community. They enjoy the camraderie of a shared opportunity - the opportunity to build a better community through Kiwanis. The tradition of commitment and cooperation were values that each member of the Board of Directors contributed in his or her unique way to the benefit of our Club.

The men and women who have served on the Board - leaders of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa for 1997-98, you have preserved your level of enthusiasm, your sense of reality, your devotion to Kiwanis, and your sense of humour. I salute you and thank you for your support, your wisdom, and your countless hours of hard work. Liasing with the Board are those wonderful people who acted as chairs and vice-chairs of their respective committees.

With 24 committees and some led by co-chairs, that is a total of 50 Kiwanians dedicated to the tasks that define our service club. Raising funds, distributing funds, identifying needs locally and globally from prenatal to seniors and addressing those needs. Thank you for your efforts and dedication that have made a difference to so many lives here in our community and around the world.

Rita Harper, our Administrative Secretary, has been loyal and devoted. I think of that well known expression “When the going gets tough, the tough call Rita.” Thank you, Rita, for your invaluable assistance all year long!

To our members who comprise our Kiwanis family I express my gratitude to you for maintaining and nourishing the Kiwanis family tradition - its warmth, its welcoming, its reaching out to its members, its support through difficult times, its celebration of new life, and its joyous response to accomplishments. This past year has been, for me, one of personal learning, growth, and great opportunity. All this has come to me because you bestowed on me the honour of being your President - and I thank you most sincerely.

Marcia L. Saipe, Immediate Past President