State of the Union from Incoming President Ian Hendry

Jamie Johnson and the Public Relations Committee with Krys Rudko as Chair, are to be congratulated on the new bulletin format.

The new bulletin has a fresh look and is easy to read and soon will include photographs from our events and luncheon meetings.

During October, our Club has two important fundraisers.

Lottery for Kids

Our newest fundraiser is the Rideau Centre Kiwanis For Kids Lottery. This lottery will have its official Kick-Off on Friday, October 16 at 10:00 a.m. at the Rideau Centre, Eaton’s Court, and all members are encouraged to attend. Pat Charbonneau is Chairing this Committee and he needs our support to make the event a success.

This lottery replaces the “Lottery Calendar” and we hope it will be easier for our members to participate for several reasons: • tickets will be on sale for two weeks only • the Rideau Centre will be the only sales location • the prizes will be on display in the Rideau Centre (as you have seen on page 1 they have terrific prizes!) Pat Charbonneau and his team need our help to staff the sales kiosk from October 16th through to the 31st.

The Committee hopes that Kiwanians through their corporate teams and friends of Kiwanis can share the load. The Kiwanis For Kids Committee hope to raise $15,000 to $20,000 for our Community Services Account. Let’s get behind Pat and his team and make this event the newest Fundraising success!

Dream of a Lifetime

Also starting in October is our partnership with the CHEO Foundation which continues with the Dream of a Lifetime Lottery. Under the leadership of the Committee Chair Kathleen Holst, our Club hopes to sell 800 Dream tickets. In the process over $30,000 will be raised for our Community Services Account. The Dream of a Lifetime Lottery will be launched on October 13th at a Press Conference sponsored by the CHEO Foundation. Kathleen and her Committee have organized various mall locations and hope that you can support this project. Tickets will be sold through early December.

Programme Committee

As usual, our Programme Committee has line up a terrific slate of luncheon speakers. Our new Kiwanis year was kicked off with David Levine and Nick Mulder of the Ottawa Hospital and our own Bob Chiarelli as speakers. Upcoming luncheons will be exciting and we are pleased that E.C.& C. District Governor Ken Cotterill will be visiting our Club on October 30/98.

Board of Directors

Your new Board of Directors is fired-up about the coming year and we look forward to a fun, successful year ahead. The Board meets on the first and third Monday of the month. All members are welcome to attend the Board meetings and share their ideas.

In closing, I encourage all members to get involved by supporting their respective committees. I welcome your comments and ideas and hope that you will not hesitate to share these ideas with me. I look forward to working with you during my year as President

Yours in Kiwanis,

Ian Hendry, President