Sponsored Youth - Key Club Committee Update

I am pleased to report that our four Key Clubs are alive and well. Working closely with these students renews your faith in todays youth.

Members of the Key Clubs are actively involved in our community. Whether it's helping out at elementary schools, seniors home, Toy Mountain, or with our own fund raisers, every Key Club member approaches projects with energy and commitment.

The Key Clubs are very organized and focused on every project they undertake. The four groups work independently, but also come together when called upon to pool their efforts towards a common goal. Whether it be running the "Kids Zone" at the CHEO duck race, or selling 50 50 tickets recently at the Nokia Brier, you can count on these young men and women.

Each club has one meeting per week, which are attended by one of our own committee members and a teacher advisor. Every club has an elected executive which parallels the Kiwanis structure. At the end of March, some of our Key Clubbers will be attending the annual convention, being held this year in Waterloo Ontario.

The weekend will be very busy with meetings and workshops. The Key Clubbers will have the opportunity to meet other clubs, share ideas and fellowship.

On a worldwide basis, Key Clubbers serve over 10 million hours in volunteer time. Our club's financial aid, and the support of a dedicated committee, allows these young members carry out their work. Who knows, maybe here's even a future President for our own club in this group.

Support your Key Clubs, and you're supporting the future.

Mike St. Louis Chair