Sharing the Kiwanis World With a Few Friends

Here is a quick quiz. Give it your best thought:

1. Do you get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction through helping your community?

2. Do you value the friendships you have made in the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa?

3. Do you appreciate the power of working together on purposes?

4. Are you a better person overall since you joined Kiwanis?

5. Are you proud of our record of accomplishment?

6. Do you think we have the most effective service organization anywhere?

If you have really participated in our Kiwanis Club, we bet you found six YESes.

Now try these questions:

1. Did you realize, that for various reasons, we lose 10-15 members each year?

2. Did you know that in recent years only 10 to 12 members each year will sponsor new members, (fortunately some will sponsor more than one)? 3.

Do you realize how many fine people there are around you who would love to be a part of your club, if only someone would ask them?

4. Did you realize that when asked to take only ten minutes to make a quick list of friends, relatives, and business associates, a test group of fifteen Kiwanians were able to identify an average of nine prospective members each?

5. Did you know that next to directly participating in service projects, Kiwanians say their second greatest satisfaction in Kiwanis was the day they introduced a new member to Kiwanis? I

f you honestly said NO, or NOT SURE, to all or most of these questions, don't feel bad, you have a lot of company. Imagine if only 27 members, including you, made that prospect list, averaging nine good people each, we would have a prospect list as large as our total membership!

Go ahead, can you list at least nine prospects in ten minutes? Look at your personal mailing list, your business card file, your suppliers, your clients.

Fax your list (just the names and businesses for now) to Keith McGruer, Vice-Chair Membership Committee, at 230-3454, or e-mail to How about doing it right now? Let's set a target deadline of May 15th. I am betting that all the members with surnames beginning with "L" to "Z" will beat the total received from the "A" to "K" members.

We pledge $1 for IDD for each name we lose by if we are wrong. Any takers in the "A" to K"ers? Your Membership Committee will get in touch with you to help devise a strategy to move to the next exciting step! If you have any other questions about sponsoring a member into the greatest service club in the world, be sure to contact anyone on the Membership Committee and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Walter Boyce, President of the Credit Bureau of Ottawa/Hull was sponsored into our club by Ron Wing in 1996. Walter is Chair of the Membership Committee. Phone 236-3151