Senior Moments

This year, the Senior Citizens' Committee will interface with over 1000 seniors, thus providing entertainment and freedom from loneliness for those who are often physically and emotionally unable to seek diversions on their own.

THE SENIOR CITIZENS' COMMITTEE meets every second Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Throughout the year, we have rotated the meetings at various homes of the committee, thus enjoying a new atmosphere at each home.

The MAIN EVENTS of the year are the Christmas Dinner at the Alex Dayton Centre, the Senior Citizens' Luncheon at a Kiwanis dinner, and the Annual Tea at the Chateau Laurier. A boat trip and barbecues are interspersed throughout the other events. This year, an effort has been made to initiate the possibility of Seniors going with Kiwanis members to a Ottawa 67s hockey game, an Ottawa Senators hockey game, possibly a Bingo and a bus tour of the Tulip Festival in the spring.

The Senior Citizens Luncheon is always a very special day in the lives of those Seniors chose. The citations and the Award plaques become treasured memories. The seniors are honoured for their selfless contribution to others at a time in life when most of us would rather be enjoying our-selves. If we look within our own club we can surely see many members who have reached or who are approaching senior status. These are the types of people we should cherish and learn from their past experiences. They are our true treasures of Kiwanis.

This past year, because of the large number of Seniors at the Kiwanis Annual Seniors Tea last year, the Committee decided to charge a nominal fee of $3. and to limit the number of tickets to 350. The GREY JAZZ BAND with Bill Luxton as Master of Ceremonies will hopefully return again to entertain everyone. Those Kiwanis Members who come to welcome the guests, to help with wheelchairs, to exchange jokes or dance with them contribute a great deal to their enjoyment.

The Christmas dinner is an opportunity to serve those seniors who perhaps do not have a family to visit on Christmas Day. Kiwanis members gather at the Alex Dayton Centre on Christmas Day and with the help of Sandra Presley, serve approximately 100-135 seniors a fabulous lunch as well as providing entertainment. Peter Patafie is very instrumental in assisting with the food. The dinner runs from 11:00 - 2:00 pm. It will provide you with the true meaning of Christmas...the Joy of Giving.

I invite you and your family to attend and help spread the Christmas spirit - even an hour of your time would be greatly appreciated by the Seniors and the committee. Take a moment...look at your family and friends...cherish them, for we are all growing older and our days of enjoyment on earth are limited...Live each day to the fullest and share it with those you love.

Wishing you all the very best this Holiday Season, and a truly Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Bill Gosewitz Chair, Senior Citizens Committee 2000-2001