Senior Citizen's Committee

Dreaming is something that we have all done and continue to do on a daily basis.

Dreaming while asleep we seldom remember. Day dreaming stays with us longer. We have short term and long term day dreaming. From birth we have spent a certain amount of our life dreaming. As we grew up we dreamt of what we would do after class, during the weekend, summer holidays, and when we became adults. Dreams varied depending on the social environment in which we grew up. One thing all dreams had in common, regardless of social background, was for something better.

As working adults, especially those of us closer to retirement, we dream of how we will spend our time travelling, golfing, gardening, etc. Unfortunately reality often has the bad habit of interfering with our dreams. After a lifetime of hard work, retirement often is not what we have dream about.

Although referred to as the Golden Age, many seniors often think the reference pertains to the escalation of costs since their retirement indeed means they would need a gold mine to pay for things. As a result, they are now in retirement homes, restricted to the activities that the home has to offer, and with quasi no income left over after the expensive boarding fees of today’s retirement homes.

The Senior Citizen’s Committee is the committee of Dream Makers. Throughout the year we have events such as the Christmas light tour, the Christmas dinner , Barbecues, Senior’s luncheon, Senior’s Tea at the Chateau Laurier, Fall Leaf Tour in the Gatineau, Boat Tour on the Canal, Bingos, etc. With the exception of the Christmas dinner where a token fee is levied, the remainder of these events is free of charge to the Seniors. Each year our Kiwanis Club touches the lives of thousands of Seniors, helping to make some of their wishes come true, and above all, to make them feel very special. The smile on the faces makes us feel special.