Rick Barrigar Scholarship for Key Club Students - Congratulations!

The first annual Rick Barrigar scholarship was presented to Anika Mehta, a grade 12 student and co-president of Sir Robert Borden Key Club. Anika will be attending the University of Waterloo in the fall, majoring in Science and Business administration.

The funds for this $10,000 scholarship come from the Kiwanis TV Bingo proceeds.

The candidates to this award must be members in good standing of one of our five sponsored key clubs and have shown exemplary character and empathy towards others. Candidates are asked to write a 4-5 page essay answering questions on their involvement in their community, school and family, their goals and their accomplishments. The teacher-advisors of each key club make a first selection and choose up to 2 students per Key Club. A selection committee made up of 5 members – 4 from the Key Club KCO committee and one KCO member at large who grade the essay and then meet with each candidate for a one hour interview before making a selection. All candidates this year were very deserving students, the selection of the winner was not an easy task, but in the end everyone agreed that we had made the right choice.

The club will be contacting the registrar’s office at the University of Waterloo to transfer the funds to Anika’s account. We will be covering $5,000 of her tuition fees for each of her first two years at university. If Anika does not pursue her studies next year, the second half of her award will not be disbursed.   

This year, the members of the selection committee were Robert Sirotek, Howard Lithwick, Patricia Creppin, Dawn Morewood and Hélène Crabb. Dawn was the member at large.  Should anyone have further questions, please contact any member of the selection committee or Buck Madden and they will be happy to provide you with the information.