Results from the 2002 Silent Auction

"I want to thank each and every one of you for your help in making this event a success. I know it was a long haul but the final results have made it worthwhile. The first count that we have shows we took in a little over $43,000 gross. Thanks to all of you for your help in raising this money. It was very much appreciated. I know I will get into trouble by giving special thanks but I am going to attempt it anyway: Special thanks to Elliot Melamed and Jamie Johnson who both worked at the event all day and all night; Special thanks to Meagan Paquette for her tireless job not only all day today but for her help in taking minutes at the meetings and devoting her time to our event; Special thanks to Tom Beveridge for his help all day and leading the group of auctioneers, to the committee of Tom Spence, Sheri Farahani, Steve Georgopoulos, Kevin Keohane, Shirley Tomblin and everyone else who sent in all of the prizes. Bob St. Louis for his help in bringing the items to the event and delivering them back to the winners. To Rita for her help in running our portable office. And of course to the volunteers from the club who we will thank more formerly at a Friday meeting. Thank you very much on behalf of the club and myself---it was very much appreciated"

Steve Tanner, Chair