Remembrance Day Luncheon - “Afghanistan: Countering The Insurgency And IEDs”

Brigadier-General Dennis Thompson presented video footage on the Province of Kandahar which is one of the largest of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan (and is the size of Nova Scotia). The province has a population of nearly 913,000, with over 300,000 living in its capital city of Kandahar. Kandahar province is made up of 17 districts, and each district has its own Chief. The main inhabitants of Kandahar province are the Pashtuns, who have been ruling Afghanistan for over 250 years. There is a large tribal dynamic operating much like a mafia. Many threats are poised against our Canadian soliders - the environment is hot and dusty, travel is on complex terrain with booby traps and tunnel network, and they never know what they are up against. One of the biggest challenges is convincing the local people not to take up with the insurgents. Increasing our presence on the grounds helps build the confidence of the people, and securing the population is imperative to our Forces.

Bg Thompson thanked Kiwanis for supporting the Cadets, whose efforts are supporting our country.

Our Remembrance Day Luncheon wouldn’t be the same without the Cadets. We thank them for their flag presentation along with the music, and their assistance with laying the wreath. Matt McGrath was proud to read a poem written by the late Past President Lorne Smith, a tradition for our Remembrance Day Luncheon. Thank you, Matt. 

Raffle Prize - Congratulations to Ken Miller who won the raffle of a book of poems written by the late Past President Lorne Smith, donated by Matt McGrath. Thank you for your contributions, $35 was raised for our General Account.

President’s Thought for the Week: “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them”. John Kennedy