Reading Is Fundamental Book Presentation – Connaught Public School

Thank you to the following Kiwanians, who attended the Reading is Fundamental (Rif) Book Presentation at Connaught Public School on Tuesday, February 5; Tom Burnie, Eric Cosgrove, Helene Crabb, Bruno Di Chiara, Bob Garrow, Ross Hadwen, Ian Hendry, Jamie Johnson, Kanta Marwah, George Old, George Perrin, Greg Plazek, Tom Pullen, Russ Salo, Lorne Usher, Barry Weatherdon, Shawn Williams, and friends of Kiwanis, Joanne Gosewitz and Joan Keane. Based upon today’s presentation we may have a new reader for Ross’s group….This is what Kiwanis is about – making a difference in the life of a child! I believe every Kiwanian should see this. President Bill Gosewitz