Questions from our Kiwanis Trivia Luncheon

1) What were our Club’s total fundraising revenues for the 2002-03 year? A: $378,000

2) In what year will our Club celebrate the 100th anniversary of receiving its charter? A: 2018

3) Name seven Club members who have served as Mayor of Ottawa. A: Jim Watson, Jackie Holzman, Jim Durrell, George Nelms, Don Reid, Lorry Greenberg, Bob Chiarelli

4) In what year were our Club’s bylaws amended to provide for the admission of women as members? Who was President at the time? A: 1990, Larry Haffner

5) Who was the first female member? A: Shirley Tomblin

6) How many women are members now? A: 31

7) What is this year’s Kiwanis International Major Emphasis motto? A: Serving the Children of the World

8) What is this year’s Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Major Emphasis motto? A: Young Children Priority One, Literacy

9) How many years did our Kiwanis TV Auction run? A: 33

10) How many Club Presidents served for more than one year? A: A.H. Fitzsimmons 1919-20, C.G. Keyes (1921-22)

11) Which President served for only a 9 month term? A: Barry Weatherdon

12) In which District Division is our Club? A: 12

13) What is the average age of our Club members? A: 57

14) Name 8 members of our Club who have played professional football. A: Dave Thelen, Tom Pullen, Bill Siekierski, Tom Deacon, Moe Racine, Jeff Sims, Peter Stenerson, Mark Cosmos

15) There are 8,445 Kiwanis Clubs in the world. How many countries and geographic areas are represented? A: 89

16) Where does our Club rank in size? A: 11

17) Who was our President when Prince Charles and Lady Diana joined us for lunch? A: Doug Legere

18) How many years did Shirley Tomblin serve as our club’s Administrative Secretary? Who had the position before Shirley and how long did she serve? A: 21 years; Sally McGill, 22 years ;

19) Who was Dr. Lorne MacLachlan? A: A dentist who in 1981 provided the initial funds for the Kiwanis Medical Foundation by donating four dollars for every dollar raised by our Club, up to a maximum of $100,000.

20) How many other Kiwanis clubs has our Club sponsored? A: 12

21) Name the first club we sponsored. A: Pembroke

22) Name the sponsored club which is farthest away from Ottawa. A: Georgetown, Guyana

23) What is the name of the camp for diabetic youngsters that our Club started and ran for over 30 years. A: Camp Banting

24) How much money is managed by the Kiwanis Medical Foundation? A: $740,900

25) Where was the Kiwanis International convention held the year our Music Committee performed? Name the city and the venue. A: New York City; Madison Square Gardens (In front of more than 15,000 people, led by the late Sol Max)

26) Who was the first cadet to join the Kiwanis 211 Air Cadet Squadron? A: Allan Castledine

27) What is the total Kiwanis International family membership as of January 2003? A: 579,923

28) Which former members were Vice Presidents of Kiwanis International? A: Charles Hulse (1947-1948), and Stanley Higman (1926-1927)

29) Name the parent-child relationships in our Club during the last 10 years. A: Perrin, George and Barb; Max, Sol, Mark and Anne; Young, Barry and David; McGrath, Matt and Kevin; McGruer, Keith, Rob and Reid; Moore, Tom and Steve; Nicholds, Gerry, Hap and Barry; Moore, Mike and Jeremy; Lithwick, Sid and Howie; Shenkman, Harold and Bill

30) Where is the Kiwanis Eastern Canada and Caribbean District Office? A: Moved to Ottawa in 1999 at 1390 Clyde Avenue.

31) Our club, along with other Kiwanis clubs in Divisions 12 and 13, made a substantial donation to CHEO in 2000. Name the amount and the purpose for which it was intended. A: $1,000,000; Cardiology Services

32) How much money was raised at most recent Kiwanis/Ottawa Senators PIC 50/50 draw ? A: $15,000

33) How many copies of the “Precious Minds” video were sold to the Ontario government? A: 260,000

34) Who is the oldest member of our Club? A: Abe Lieff - 100

35) Who is the youngest member? A: Alison Poirier - 24

36) Which Kiwanian was the architect for the Children’s’ Hospital of Eastern Ontario? A: Sid Lithwick

37) Which Kiwanian began his working career as a pot washer at the Chateau Laurier and worked his way up to become a Sous Chef? A: Peter Patafie

38) Who is the only President of our Club to win an International Award for his year? A: Lorne Smith

39) Name the 7 present members who are Past Lieutenant Governors? A: Jack Gordon, Frank Hegyi, Brian McGarry, Keith McGruer, Hap Nicholds, Ron Wing and Leonard Levencrown

40) Who wrote our Club’s Welcome Song? A: Cammie Howard

41) Which member organized the most Interclubs ever arranged in our Club in one year? How many? A: Tom Spence; 120

42) In which city was Kiwanis formed, and in what year? A: Detroit, 1915

43) Name the two Ottawa schools named after Kiwanians. A: D. Roy Kennedy and Charles H. Hulse