President’s Rose to Kanta Marwha

Kanta Marwah was introduced to our club in 2003 by Immediate Past President Sam Bhargava. Sam explained that as a volunteer, she is expected to participate wherever possible and instructed her to immediately become involved with whatever projects our club was working on. Kanta took the lead joining the Seniors/Hands-On, Program/Interclub and Medical Foundation committees, all of which she continues to participate in today. In addition to her duties as Club Photographer at our Friday luncheons, she has sold 50/50 at Senators games, served breakfast for Seniors and hotdogs and hamburgers (which she doesn't eat) at the HOPE Beach Volleyball tournament. Scraping and painting at Camp Smitty is her specialty and she also serves as the camp bell ringer. Kanta's interest in Community Service is commendable and the work that she is doing is Making a Difference in our community.