President's Rose - Sam Bhargava


President and Owner of U.S. 5 Enterprise Limited, Sam was introduced to our Club in 1987 by former member Ron Petersen.  Sam was the Lieutenant Governor for our Division 12 last year and our Club President in 2005-2006.  Before that he had been a member of our Board of Directors for 5 years.   

Sam has worked over the years with many committees, including, Key Club,  Circle K, Direct Assistance, Medical Foundation, Program Committee and Young Children Priority One.  Here he led the way in the development of the “Never Shake a Baby” Video project, a project that has realized thousands of videos sold throughout North and South America.  He was also instrumental in the development of our 2nd video project -  “Precious Minds”- Nurturing Literacy in the Early Years.  Both of these videos continue to be distributed today by the Kiwanis office.

And this year, Sam is running for the position of Governor-elect for our EC&C District.  This is a huge commitment of his time and resources.  Sam has been campaigning hard since January, travelling throughout Eastern Canada and the Caribbean (maybe not such a hardship during the winter) and speaking to countless Kiwanis Clubs to get his message out of the “The Power of Many – because Great things happen when we all work together”.

Sam, we are very proud of you and the commitment that you have made and continue to make to leadership for our Club and Kiwanis International.  There hasn’t been a candidate for Governor from our Club in a very long time.  All the best for the rest of your Campaign and Good luck in St. John.