President’s Rose – One Can Make A Difference – Howard Lithwick

Howard has been with our club since 1976 and is a 30-year member of our Legion of Honour. He Chaired the Key Club Committee, and much of his contribution has been to the students of our sponsored Key Club and Circle K over the years and he continues to work with the Circle K and never misses their committee meetings. He spent hundreds of hours to charter our 4th Key Club at Sir Robert Borden High School, which is a great accomplishment for our Club. The youth of today truly appreciate a sincere, caring adult who makes them feel special and worthwhile. Howard has done that with the students and they continue to think of him as their friend and confidant. He often provides the liaison for our club, even though he can’t come out to Friday luncheons very often. Last weekend, he worked closely with the Circle K students to organize the Circle K Convention which was sponsored by our Carleton Circle K and hosted in Ottawa, and he was a tremendous advisor for them. He arranged for accommodations and drivers through our own club membership, and he personally attended every event at the Convention. Howard is another typical un-sung hero of our club, working continuously behind the scenes, and we Thank you Howard, for Making a Difference in our community!!