President's Rose - Jamie Johnson

Owner of RKIL, Jamie joined our Club in 1989 sponsored by former member Bob Kingham.    A member of the Board of Directors from 1998 to 2001, Jamie provided valuable input and support on many of our club issues.

I don’t have to tell you that he is a significant part of our club, often working behind the scenes, and as usual, without much ado.  Jamie played an essential role in the Public Relations of our club for many years, and he continues to provide his expertise as Chair of our Communications Committee.

He prepares all of our newspaper ads and press releases, and he has implemented a consistent corporate image for our club, ensuring that Kiwanis gets appropriate recognition.   His enthusiasm and commitment has helped move the club to where it is today.

Jamie used his very extensive knowledge in the computer field to bring the Club into the 21st Century and set up our Club Website.   This allows public access to the current events of our Club and we are now seeing over 10,000 hits a week.   He has recently spent hundreds of hours updating our club website and it is very impressive.  It can now be accessed by all members and provides us with private sections for the members and the Board members to communicate.

Since 2001 Jamie has been part of our Strategic Planning Committee, which is responsible for putting a system in place that will ensure our club maintains its premiere service, both to the community and to our members, while adhering to the Objects of Kiwanis International. He is certainly a member who makes a difference!

Jamie, on behalf of the members of our club, I want to thank you for all that you do for Kiwanis, and I am pleased to present you with  this week’s President’s Rose and Penguin.