President's Meeting

Thank you to the Committee Chairs, or the representative from the Committee, who explained their projects history and their plans for the upcoming year. Exciting plans that many members were not aware of.. President Peter highlighted the Members Survey noting a return from 117 of our 162 members. The notable results indicated 60% attend luncheon meetings less than 2 times per month, 75% of members are paying themselves, 50% were happy with the location - and many of these replies has resulted in the pilot program of 2 luncheons per month, to be reviewed by the Board of Directors in June 2010. Thank you for your participation.

Attendance 51 = 50 members, 1 staff

Raffle Prize - Congratulations to Peter Patafie who won the raffle of 2 tickets to the Ronnie Prophet show donated by Dominic D’Arcy; and, to Mike Lafontaine who won the raffle of a shoe polish kit donated by Warren Gencher and Brymark. Thank you all for your contribution, $84 was raised for our General Account. Fine Session $7.