President Ian’s Message

By the time this Newsletter reaches you, my term as President will be at the half-way point. I am convinced that the only period of time which will pass more quickly than the last six months - will be the next six!

For the 1998 - 99 year I asked our Board of Directors and Committee Chairs to guide our Club towards four objectives:

I. To achieve positive growth in membership;

II. To market Kiwanis through community supported projects;

III. To raise funds to meet our commitments both locally and internationally;

IV. To strive for entertaining, dynamic and informative luncheons.

In my view these objectives have been met thanks to the strong support of the membership and the leadership demonstrated by your Directors and Committee Chairs. Our membership stood at 252 at September 25, 1998 and is presently at 254.

I thank our new members for joining this terrific club, and their sponsors for bringing them to us. Please help the Membership Committee by bringing out prospective members to a Friday luncheon or a fundraising event. The marketing of Kiwanis has been enhanced this year as we have been profiled in print, radio and television in recognition of our community service projects such as: • Kits for the homeless organized by our Hands-On Committee. • CPR training provided to all area high school students. • National Fundraising Executives Philanthropy Award. • Support of the Easter Seals Telethon. • Launch of our 1999 Kiwanis Duck Race for Tiny Hearts. Of course projects like these are only possible through successful fundraising events: - Pat Charbonneau led off with our Kiwanis Lottery for Kids at the Rideau Centre raising $15,000. - Kathleen Holst and her team raised $31,000 by selling out our CHEO Dream tickets. - Tom Pullen and Shirley Tomblin scored another win with a very successful Partners in Caring and 50:50 Draw at the Corel Centre.

With assistance from the Music Committee, our Friday luncheons have been very well received . I am pleased to report that our monthly attendance at Friday luncheons has been up between 4 & 11%.

Looking ahead, the Bon Appetit Ottawa! event is a new fundraiser to be held on Tuesday, May 11/99. Elliot Melamed and his committee are working hard to raise $40,000 for our Club by presenting a Silent Auction at this event.

The 12th Annual Kiwanis Duck Race for Tiny Hearts at CHEO will be held on Saturday, May 15th. Many of our members mistakenly believe that this is a fundraiser just for CHEO. Not so! Our Club is guaranteed to receive $30,000 for this event. If we sell all 99,000 ducks, our Club will receive an additional $65,500 for a total of almost $100,000. Twenty-five percent of the money raised is maintained by CHEO in a “Kiwanis Endowment Fund”. The income earned from this fund, (which sits at just over $700,000) is used to provide post-hospital care for families in need. So please let’s all get behind Derek Finley and David Young to make this the best Duck Race ever.

On August 16 the Golf Committee will host our 2nd Annual Golf Tournament. Darrell Powell and Jeff Kyle are leading this committee to another sell out. Last year golfers and sponsors were turned away so be sure to get in touch with them before its too late.

In closing let me thank all of your for your support and advice. Please don’t stop! For members new, and nearly new, don’t hesitate to speak up at your committee meetings, attend a board meeting or call me with your ideas.

Yours in Kiwanis!