Past President John Callan's Message

Fellow Kiwanians,

CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS TO ALL OF YOU as the 83rd year in our Club's history has been blessed with successful fundraising and hands-on service projects for our community.

It hasn't just been all work though; we had a lot of fun and fellowship. With the Canadian Special Olympic 2000 Winter Games held here in Ottawa this past January and our $1 Million dollar leadership gift to CHEO's Capital Campaign, our Club and other Kiwanis Clubs in Division 12 and 13 have increased the awareness of Kiwanis in our community. Our Kiwanis Club should be proud of its various achievements to mark this special millennial year.

Our Club's accomplishments were highlighted in the October 18, 2000, edition of the Ottawa Citizen, just in case you haven't seen it yet. Not only were we able to advertise our accomplishments to our community but we also gave thanks to those donors and sponsors who contributed to our successful year. Although we did not achieve positive growth in our membership this year, our Membership Committee was responsible for introducing 19 quality, dynamic new members to our Club, all of who have wasted no time in actively participating in committee work and our Club projects. Welcome again to all of you and thank you for joining our Club. I would ask our Club members to extend a smile and welcome to these new members at the Friday luncheons. Let's be proactive in mentoring our new members on Fridays. Pick up the phone once in a while just to talk to our new members. 19 new members means that 38 of our members gave of their time to sponsor these new members and, but for our sponsors, our Club would not grow.

I am proud to say that members will be given an attendance credit for attending a regularly scheduled committee meeting, in addition to attending a Friday luncheon. This new policy of our club recognizes the importance of the work of our busy committees as well as the importance of participating in fellowship at our Friday luncheons. These are busy times for all of our Club members and due to personal or business reasons, our members are not always able to attend our Friday luncheons. No one should feel guilty about not being able to attend, as I believe each and every one of you does and will continue to do whatever you can do throughout the year to help carry out the Mission Statement of our Club. If every active member continues to do their part, and particularly when asked, then our Club will continue to fulfill and expand our mandate to our community.

Kiwanians, it has simply been my pleasure, honour and privilege, to have been your 83rd President, a year I will cherish forever.

John Callan