Operations Committee Report - President-Elect Bill Gosewitz

Another year begins. ‘One Can Make a Difference’ – perhaps we should add ‘but you need to get involved’.

This year I have the pleasure of working with the Office, Membership, Communications and Program/Interclub-social /Music/ committees. It should prove to be an exciting year – but we need YOUR support.

Membership – Under the guidance of Tom Pullen and Angela Cummings, the committee is looking to accomplish a great deal. -engage the existing membership -attract 30 new members and corporate memberships -solidify and attract corporate partnerships -mentoring program for new members. Interclub and

Social –there will be many possibilities to visit and meet other Kiwanians at different clubs – lets have fun – get involved – One Can Make a Difference. Kiwanis Office – we will continue to monitor the office expenses and have the staff working to make our experience at the club – fun. I am hoping to revisit and revise the lunch costs for Kiwanians and guests.

Communications Committee – Jamie Johnson has some great ideas and I am excited that he is taking the helm – we will be seeing some great products coming – keep your eyes open.

Program Committee – Lynda Campbell has some great speakers lined up (see above)…looks great! I am open to your ideas and comments – remember this is your club – you are here to meet people, have fun and give back to the community.

Your thoughts are always welcome –do not hesitate to contact me with your thoughts. One Can Make a Difference…but together we can change the world… Pay it forward – you never know how you can change a person’s life with one small action.

Send me an email anytime to - bill@e-canadianmortgages.com