“One Can Make a Difference” – President’s Rose – Ross Hadwen

Ross was sponsored into our club in 1987 by the late Past President Hap Nicholds. He is a 30-year Legion of Honour member and has always been an active member of our club, especially on the Music Committee and the Music Festival Committee. As a member on the Hands-On Committee, Ross is available to give a hand wherever our club is involved. He has provided faithful support to our “Reading Is Fundamental” Program at the Connaught Public School and has played an important part in the continuing success of our Rif Program. More importantly, Ross has organized the Readers from our Club as well as being the liaison with the other Kiwanis Clubs in the area, who also provide Readers for the children. Ross is a model Kiwanian as per our Objects of Kiwanis International and assists the club in providing a practical means to build a better community. Thanks for Making a Difference Ross!