“One Can Make A Difference” President’s Rose - Ross Christensen

President Peter was pleased to recognize Ross Christensen who was sponsored into our club in 1997 by Ross McHardy. He has contributed greatly to our Young Children Projects Committee and played a big part in orchestrating one of our club’s major children’s projects – the production of the “Never Shake A Baby” video, which is still being sold by our office today.

He chaired the YCP Committee in 1998-99, and was very instrumental in our club’s literacy initiatives, assisting with our 2nd video “Precious Minds - Nurturing Literacy in the Early Year”. He played a major role in our Passing The Torch Campaign in 2004 that raised over $111,000 for youth education programming, in the new Canadian War Museum. There are 2 rooms at the War Museum “to honour the contribution of Kiwanians to the defence and security of Canada, and to the education of our youth”.

Ross was elected to the Board of Directors in 2002-03 and was an active participant in our Board discussions for 2 years. He is passionate about Kiwanis and about his community. He is proud to share Kiwanis with others who aspire to take action that directly benefits our community.

Ross is currently working with our Membership Committee, and has taken on the lead of our Engagement, Retention & Recruitment Campaign. With his passion and commitment to Kiwanis, his enthusiasm will keep our membership on the right track - moving forward. Thank you, Ross, for making a difference in our club!