“One Can Make a Difference” – President’s Rose – Paul Drouin

Paul is Vice-President at Raymond James – wealth management – and was sponsored into our club in 2005 by President-Elect Peter Patafie. Without delay, he worked behind the scenes supporting our Bon Appetit Committee. He also spent some time working on the Helping Hands Committee, which was a new initiative that did not take off, and a difficult job for a newer member. This year Paul agreed to be prime Co-Chair of the Bon Appetit Silent Auction Committee, and is working alongside Director Bruno DiChiara, and the members of their very small committee. Paul is doing a great job in leading his committee members, who have all worked very hard soliciting club members for items, and putting a personal effort into getting items from their own contacts. I’m sure Paul has contacted everyone he knows, and, as he mentioned, just ask, and many people will be pleased to contribute. They have obtained over 110 items with a value of almost $58,000, to be bid on at the Bon Appetit Silent Auction event on Tuesday. Thanks Paul, for assembling a good team, for being a good leader and for Making a Difference!