One Can make a Difference – President’s Rose - Ken Miller

Ken was a member of our Club from 1982 to 2004, then rejoined in 2007 sponsored by Director Guy Bourbonnière. Ken became very involved with our Cadets and has remained a vital part of that committee through the years. He was Co-Chair of the Cadets Committee last year, and agreed to Chair the Cadets Committee this year. He has also assisted our Club and was our in-house Santa for many years, before he lost his belly and slimmed down. He also attends various other parties as Santa and any donations he receives he contributes to the Cadets Committee. He is available for any of your home or office parties. Ken is professional and courteous, and represents our Kiwanis Club well, in his meetings with the Cadet League. It is a pleasure for us that Ken has returned to our club, and we are thankful for his contribution to our sponsored youth. Ken, thank you for Making a Difference in the lives of our youth!