“One Can Make a Difference” President’s Rose – Kathleen Holst

Kathleen Holst was formerly a member of our club from 1996 to 2001, moved to BC for a short period of time, and returned to our Club in 2002, sponsored by Jane Flain. She has Chaired our Iodine Deficiency Disorders Committee, Oktoberfest Committee and our Interclub, Sports and Social Committee, in 2003-04 and again in 2004-05. In 2005, she organized our first Mega Interclub Meeting of all 18 clubs in our Division when we hosted District Governor John Button. This was the first time that all the Clubs in Division 12 and 13 were together for any event, in many years. This year she is leading a small but strong and enthusiastic Interclub committee which plans fun and entertaining events for our club members and their families that are well-attended and often sold out. She is also ensuring that we are visiting other Kiwanis clubs in our Division on a regular basis. Kathleen’s motivation and enthusiasm make her a terrific all-around Kiwanian and anyone who has worked with her, will confirm that “if you want something done, and you give it to Kathleen, you know you won’t have to follow up with her, and it will be done”. Thanks for Making a Difference Kathleen!