“One Can Make a Difference” – President’s Rose – Howard Whittaker

Partner of The Gordon Group, Howard joined our Club in 2000 sponsored by Bill Cowie and Ian Hendry. He quickly became a very active member of the Club and spent time working with the Young Children – Priority One Committee. He jumped right in as Vice-Chair of the Young Children - Priority One Committee, in 2001-2002. He was responsible for the design of our new Kiwanis brochure, and if you look closely, you will even see his two daughters in the booklet. Howard also designed our Board of Directors ads and many other ads that have been inserted into the Ottawa Citizen, with the help of Jamie Johnson, as part of our Communications. We thank Howard for his part in the mammoth task of pulling together the Read-a-thon project for our Club, and we look forward to participating in this project again in 2007-08. Thank you for Making a Difference, Howard!