One Can Make A Difference – President’s Rose - Helene Crabb

Helene joined our club in 2004 sponsored by Vice-President Martin Diegel. In her professional capacity she provides translation for many communications, and we are fortunate that she provides some of the translation for our club. She is a very involved member and volunteers for many of our hands-on projects, and is a pleasure to work with. Last spring she took on the personal task of organizing another Music Recital at Ottawa University, where talented youth were showcased, including her own daughter. This was Helene’s own initiative as a way for her to contribute to our club. This year she agreed to Chair the Programme Committee for the 2nd year in a row. This is a demanding job with a lot of input from a very forthright committee. Helene is doing a great job coordinating the speaker line-up, she provides excellent minutes of her meetings, and she inspires collaboration from her committee members. Thank you Helene! You are Making A Difference!