“One Can Make a Difference” – President’s Rose - Harold Feder

Harold Feder joined our club in 1996 sponsored by Barb Perrin. He was Chair of the Youth & Community Services Committee in 1999-2000. Harold’s concern for his fellow human definitely shone through on the committee, for as you know, the members of the Youth & Community Services committee must often correspond with those less fortunate in our city. He was Chair of our Sponsored Youth - Circle K Committee in 2000-01. He is still involved with the Circle K and a committed supporter of the students. In 2003-04 Harold was elected to serve as on our Board of Directors. His professionalism and his attention to detail make Harold an excellent Board member. This year, Harold accepted the position of Chair of our Strategic Planning committee which provides guidance and clarity to our organizational structure and future plans for our club. He also found time to put together a Kiwanis hockey team, and they will be playing in their second tournament of the year on April 11-15. Harold has been referred to as being ‘very grounded’, and he is often approached for guidance by our members. Thank you for Making a Difference Harold!