“One Can Make a Difference” – President’s Rose – Guy Milne

Guy was introduced to our club by Ted Parsons in 2002. He immediately became very active on our Air Cadets Committee, and was Vice-Chair of the Committee for 2004-05 and in 2005-06. Guy was always available to help out with the Cadets projects and after some fine training, he agreed to be Chair of the Cadets Committee in 2006-07, and again for the current year. The Chair must maintain a strong relationship with the Commanding Officers of both Air and GGFG Cadets, and it is up to Guy to ensure a smooth interaction between their groups and our Club. Guy’s caring nature is very beneficial to the cadets, as he has their true interest in mind. He is a strong leader for the cadets and is a good mentor. We are very proud of the Cadets and, as we can tell by their presentation today, they should be proud of themselves and their cadet corps. On behalf of the members of our club, Guy, Thanks for Making a Difference!