“One Can Make A Difference” President’s Rose - Geoff Godding

Geoff was introduced to our club by Steve Moore in 1995. Having been a member of the former Kiwanis Club of South Ottawa, for 4 years, he had no problem adjusting to the high energy and steady demands of being a Kiwanian. Geoff was Chair of our Membership Committee in 2003 and his organizational skills were very useful. The mandate of that Committee is not only to recruit new members, but to increase the involvement of our current members. Assisting with the preparation of the New Members Luncheon is a job that Geoff enjoys, and he has done it for a number of years. As you witnessed with the New Members’ Luncheon 2 weeks ago, a lot of hard work goes into the preparation and, under the direction of Geoff, the new members were successful in providing us with an entertaining program. This New Members Luncheon is a tradition of our club that will bind those new members together for years to come. Geoff also assisted with finding the new location for our Kiwanis office, and after doing all the leg work, he met with our Executive to show his selections, and he donated any commission he made back to the club. Geoff is a strong supporter of our club projects, and is proud to share Kiwanis with his family and co-workers. Thanks for your continued support of our club, Geoff – you are helping to Make A Difference!.