“One Can Make a Difference” – President’s Rose – Dominic Ferrarotto

Dominic joined our club in 2001, sponsored by Past President Marcia Saipe and Janet Dodds. He joined the Kiwanis Medical Foundation (KMF) committee and was chosen to serve as a trustee and currently serves as Co-Chair with Bob Fisher. The trustees have a big responsibility to ensure the funds are provided for the best of the medical research in our community. He is a big supporter of the ACT Foundation and along with his contacts, raised almost $38,000.00 for their “Dollars for Mannequins” campaign. He approached the KMF who agreed to provide an additional $12,500.00 to top up the contribution to a full $50,000.00. We saw how friendly Dominic can be when he and his wife Heather were gracious hosts at our first Garden Party held at his home last summer. We are proud that you joined our club and for all that you do for our community; Thank you, for Making a Difference, Dominic.