“One Can Make a Difference” – President’s Rose - Bruno Di Chiara

Bruno was sponsored into our club in 2002, by Past President Mike Lundy and Distinguished Lt. Governor Ron Wing. Bruno is a Partner and the Treasurer of Vicano Tile and Marble Inc. He is proud to include his wife Nancy, and their young daughter, at any of our family events and always at the Family Christmas Party. He immediately joined the Key Club Committee and readily accepted the position of being the liaison between our Club and the Lisgar High School Key Club. He was Co-Chair of the Bon Appetit Silent Auction for the past 2 years and he agreed to do so again this year, working alongside Paul Drouin. He attends all the meetings and always obtains items from his business associates. In 2006-07, Bruno was elected to serve as a Director on our Board and has served for 2 years. He rarely misses a Board meeting, and he is attentive and participates in our discussions, especially when we refer to our sponsored youth programs. We are pleased that Bruno has been re-elected to serve as Director on the Board for the upcoming year. He exemplifies the ideals of Kiwanis and we are very happy that he chose to join our club. Thank you for your loyalty and dedication to the club, and for the support you provide, showing that “One Can Make a Difference!”