One Can make a Difference – President’s Rose - Bob Garrow

Bob was pleasantly surprised when he was recognized as a relatively new member who has jumped right in and become very active in the club. He was introduced to our club in 2006 by past president Tom Pullen, and Ross Christensen. He is a quiet individual with a good sense of humour, who is really enjoying his relationship with Kiwanis. He is also a licensed Pirate and is a published author of “Ahoy Mates - Leadership Lessons from Successful Pirates”. He takes modern day leaders back in time to experience the pirate approach to leadership, and has provided mentoring and leadership training to many local high schools.

He is Chair this year of our Interclub, Sports and Social Committee, and his motivation and enthusiasm make him a welcome Kiwanian He is leading a small but strong and enthusiastic committee which meets regularly to plan fun and entertaining events for our club members and their families. (Like the upcoming Kiwanis Members Christmas party at Villa Lucia on November 28th, Bob is ensuring that there will be social entertainment throughout the year.) He is also a regular attendee at many of the other Kiwanis clubs in our Division. Congratulations Bob, your support helps us to Make A Difference.