“One Can Make a Difference” – President’s Rose – Alison Poirier

Alison was very keen when she joined our club in 2003, sponsored by Steve Georgopoulos. She was excited to be the youngest, and we were glad to welcome her. It goes to show that our youth are just waiting to be given the opportunities provided by our club, opportunities to contribute to their community, to provide input on decisions, to participate, and, most importantly, to be taken seriously. Alison has contributed greatly to our club. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her passion for our club is admirable. She Co-Chaired the Bed Race in 2004-05, and in 2005-06, she agreed to be Chair and worked with Gary Flockton as Vice-Chair. In 2006-07, for the 3rd consecutive year, Alison was Co-Chair of the Bed Race Committee. At the same time, she was elected to be a member of our Board of Directors and was re-elected to serve for this year. One Can Make a Difference in their community, and Alison is a prime example of how it is done.