“One Can Make a Difference” and the Communications Committee

Ask 10 Kiwanians what Kiwanis is, and you will get 15 different answers, maybe more.

For a number of years the Club has identified the lack of a clear statement of direction for the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa as an issue for the Club. The Communications Committee will address this issue this year.

The strategic plan for the Communications Committee calls for four high level tactics: 1. Create a committee who has the skill sets required to achieve the committee’s goals. 2. Clarify the messages for “what is Kiwanis?” and “What does Kiwanis do?” 3. Build the tools for internal communications. 4. Build the tools for external communications.

Building a committee I am happy to report that the Communications committee is a great group of engaged Kiwanians who will help the Club make a difference. Scott Bradford, Derek Finley, Bob Garrow, Jamie Johnson, Mark Max, Ian Peddie, Doug Wilson along with President Elect Bill Gosewitz and Director Alison Poirier will form the committee this year. Other interested Kiwanians are welcome.

Clarify the message

This Club does some great things. Over 10,000 participants each year in the Kiwanis Music Festival; over 120 schools in our Read-a-thon; 200 cadets in our two programs; 4 Key Clubs with over 200 members, 100 members in our Kiwanis Circle K Clubs, we have some great stories to tell, today! The committee will make use of the Kiwanis International definition of Kiwanis (Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time), along with the new Kiwanis International slogan (One Can Make a Difference) as ways of delivering the message about the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa (The premier Service Club in Ottawa, recognized for our leadership in the interests of children, youth and families).

Build the tools for internal communications

This year the Communications Committee will be working to make sure that members of the Club can understand the good work that the Club does, and be able to communicate this to sponsors, partners, potential members and the public in general. This year there have been some tools in place already. Mike Kruger has done a nice job on the refresh of the eDGE to simplify its production and improve readability. The web site has a new interface to emphasize our Community Service projects. The presentation of the weekly President’s Rose emphasizes how people in the Club make a difference. Over the next short while, the Committee will be providing some tools including Kiwanis Club of Ottawa email addresses, business cards, web pages, and banners that will show off what the Club does well. Build the tools for external communications The external tools that are currently available to the Club include our ad space with the Citizen as well as our events themselves. We will be leveraging these tools, and adding more throughout the year including quarterly reports for our partners and sponsors and a stewardship luncheon.

One Can Make a Difference

That will be our message, so be the One who makes a difference and help us get the message out. Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions at jamie.johnson@ottawakiwanis.org.

Jamie Johnson Chair Communications Committee